... Its all about light and shadow ...

This is what its all about


Its my new life in a new world when the very first time I looked through the view finder. I love to watch the wild nature and love to run place to place to find the elegant natural creation of GOD. And I love to capture the beauty that GOD has made. I always love natural photographs as almighty GOD creat my mother land as a heavenly treasure of BEAUTY.  I am proud to to be a son of this land. Though my country and country people face lots of big problem every single second of the daily life, I got not enough interest to capture and express them in my work. I feel that, my life style is a slight different, no , I'm not blind and not pretend to set those things aside, but I wanna see my country with a beautiful eye.

As I always try to look at this world with the eye of an artist, I always imagine this nature as a dreamland and try to reflect all of my dreamy thoughts through my photographs. I see what GOD creates and present those beauty as the way I wanna see. I processed my photographs with my imagination wide open. And I call it PHOTO ART. And I really proud to be a PHOTO ARTIST. 

And this is what the =arifgraphy= is. From now on till the end of the time whole  world will recognize all the artwork of Md.Ariful Islam S'uhas as  =arifgraphy=


The great Bangla poet Jibonanoda Das & the acid band Pink Floyd truly inspired me in photography with their works.


 I am influenced by my hero Ansel Adams (www.anseladamsgallery.com), Dean Pennala (www.pennalaphotography.com), Hamad Darwish (www.hamaddarwish.com), Dennis P. Curtin ( I understood PHOTOGRAPHY by reading his book, which is edited by Ansel Adams).